About Us

Dominican-born Lester Gordon came from a family that always offered great hospitality to friends and family visiting the Island. Hence from childhood, he was known for his hospitable and friendly personality.  Having being raised up in the Village of Concord, he admired the everyday beauty of the village; the tranquility, the birds, the rivers just across his home and the villagers who work hard to maintain their families and who respect nature.

In 2005 he travelled to Grenada, and island that was devastated by hurricane Ivan in 2004. His purpose was to help rebuild the houses of those who suffered great lost. There is where he met his wife, Carina.

In 2007 they got married and decided to make Dominica their permanent home. The stunning piece of land that they bought, nestled in the mountains of the Concord village, just 12 minute drive from the airport with a great mountain view and even view of the river, was perfect for them, for they seek to continue to enjoy Nature and Tranquility.

Because they both enjoyed the privilege of hospitality, they decided to share the experience they were having with everyone who is searching for nature, tranquility, beauty and for those want to get to know the people, culture and history of Dominica, not forgetting the tasting of the fantastic food of the island at an affordable rate.

So if you are seeking to get away from the hassle and bustle of the big city, and to enjoy nature, serenity, the people and good food, then this is the place for you!

Come, let us share all those experiences with you!